Biometrics and border security, law enforcement and facial recognition trending this week

Twitter is acquiring Magic Pony Technology, a London-based startup that specializes in machine learning, for $150 million. Magic Pony has developed techniques of using neural networks and machine learning to provide expanded data for images.

In an effort to combat identity fraud and counterfeiting, the new United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) rolled out its new biometrics-based ID card for refugees, along with a new card verification mobile application.

Crossmatch has been awarded "Complementary Solution Provider of the Year" by Temenos Group for its contribution to Temenos business involving biometric authentication and is based on ease of use, level of integration and product revenue contribution.

Imagus Technology recently announced a $1 million investment deal with a leading fintech industry player. The investment is the first of its kind outside of the initial founders and paves the way for Imagus to further expand into the multi-million dollar fintech identification and verification space.

Zwipe and Hitachi High-Technologies announced a partnership agreement for commercial and technical cooperation including sales and distribution rights for the full product portfolio of Zwipe's solutions to the Japanese market.

Vision-Box announced that the new automated border control (ABC) solution at RIOgaleĆ£o International Airport is set to go live. The ABC eGates offer passport authenticity checks as well as facial biometric verification of passengers through an automated self-service process.

Special reports

Biometrics Research Group believes that the financial services sector has emerged as a primary end-user market for biometrics technology worldwide. This report provides an updated overview and market synopsis of biometrics for the global financial sector and is sponsored by HID Global and Biometrics in Banking Financial Services by IQPC.

Biometrics Research Group expects continued growth of biometrics usage for border security by the US government. This white paper provides an update concerning the application of biometrics to border security and is sponsored by Crossmatch.

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